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Limoges Boxes by Rochardô

Looking for a keepsake gift that's both unique and heartfelt? These Rochard™ Limoges boxes have the high-end style and sentimental value you've been searching for. Each of these delicate, hand-painted boxes is crafted from genuine porcelain. Made in Limoges, France, these boxes feature superior craftsmanship and an artistic touch. Vivid paint colors are used to detail each of the tiny figurines, from animals to babies to objects. Because there are so many designs from which to choose, you can easily customize the gift to the recipient. Choose an instrument box for a music lover or an animal box for a pet lover. There are also themes for games, books, sports, travel, holidays and more, so it's easy to find the perfect fit for any occasion.

The tiny hinges and latches on these boxes are delicate yet durable. People of any age will marvel at the exquisite detailing and careful workmanship used to create each of these Rochard™ Limoges boxes. In addition to becoming a beautiful display piece, a Limoges box also serves as a sentimental reminder of the bond between you and the recipient of this special gift.
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