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Lolita® Champagne Flutes

Champagne adds a touch of luxury to any celebration, but using cheap or plain champagne flutes dampens the excitement. To truly make champagne a special treat, use these Lolita® champagne flutes from Top Notch Gift Shop. No matter what the occasion - a birthday, an anniversary, Mother's Day or another event - drinking from a stylish, colorful champagne glass makes everything seem celebratory. The lovely hand-painted details on each of these glasses created a personalized look that's perfect for gift-giving. Anyone from moms and daughters to friends and coworkers would love to receive one of these special champagne flutes.

In addition to being a fun way to drink some bubbly, these Lolita® champagne flutes have a practical side as well. Each one features a delicious champagne cocktail recipe panted on the bottom of the glass so you can whip up tasty concoctions whenever the mood strikes. Meanwhile, the look is so stylish and beautiful that gift recipients will want to put them on display in their kitchens or home bars.
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