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Western Michigan University Weathervane

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Product Reviews for Western Michigan University Weathervane

Mount Style Guide

Garden Mount

The garden mount includes stabilizing ground stake. The garden mount ships in two pieces and must be screwed together upon arrival.

Roof Mount

The roof mount is adjustible, but is made to a 4/12 roof pitch.  It includes a 12" rod.

Deck Mount

The deck mount will mount to a flat board i.e. deck board. It is approx. 3" x 3" and includes the 12" rod (not pictured).

Post Mount

The post mount or (side mount) will mount to the side of a fence of vertical board. It is approx. 3"x3" and includes the 12" rod (not pictured).

3 Sided Mount

This mount mounts to the outside of a gazebo or cupola. It includes a 12" rod (not pictured). Order the 3 sided mount for 3 or 6 sided peaks.

4 Sided Mount

The four sided mount is made for mounting to a 4 or 8 sided cupoloa or gazebo. This mount comes with a 12" rod (not pictured.)

Assembly Instructions

  1. Place garden mount into the ground by pushing it into the ground or by using a piece of 5/16" x 3 ft. rod. Drive the rod half way into the ground. Place the garden mount over the top of the rod. (If you have the two piece mount, screw together first.)
  2. Place the directional over the pole until it sets approx. 6" from the tip on the 60" one piece mount. Point the N to the North and tighten the set screw that is located between the N and E.
  3. Slide the windcups onto the pole with the ball bearing side DOWN.
  4. Place the design top onto the pole.


When installing on a roof, deck, post or cupola mount, install your mount to your mounting surface. Place the short rod into the tubing of the mount. Tighten the set screw provided on the mount. Slide the directional (NSEW) over the tip of the rod. Set N to North and tighten the set screw. Place the wincups over the tip of the rod ( bearing side facing DOWN). Then slide the top on your weathervane.

Weathervane Assembly Diagram


We recommend that you place a few drops of light oil on the top of the pole periodically to ensure that the design top will turn freely.

If using a roof style mount, we recommend that you ground your weathervane in case of a lightning strike. Please consult your township for local building codes.

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